Wild Wellbeing Week

Immerse yourself in nature and mindfulness practices to discover the transformational power of nature. Learn how to apply this to your family and how to share this with parents and babies to support mental wellbeing, connection and joy.

Join us LIVE from the 14th - 18th March (10am GMT 14th to 17th, 8pm GMT 18th) 

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I’m Gayle Berry

I am the founder of Blossom & Berry and an expert in parent and baby wellness and supporting mental & emotional health through creating connections. I have trained over 1000 teachers to support parents and babies through classes.

I have created something unique in the parent and baby class space by combining a love of nature, mindfulness, connection and community. As a result of COVID 19, more and more people have connected to nature and the outdoors and never before have we valued community in society. Now is the perfect time to create nurturing, safe spaces for parents and babies in nature by becoming a Wild Wellbeing Practitioner or Tree Babies Guide.

Since we launched our Tree Babies course in 2020, we have had over 300 teachers join us to become Tree Babies Guides or Wild Wellbeing Practitioners. Our tree babies/barefoot beach babies/nature natal classes are for you if you are drawn to working in the parent and baby space and want to know more about creating your own teaching practice and flexible, profitable business in just four weeks. Our courses book out fast, so sign up for our wild wellbeing week now.

Wild Wellbeing Week

Join us live from the 14th - 18th March.

Monday 14th | 10am GMT

Tuesday 15th | 10am GMT

Wednesday 16th | 10am GMT

Thursday 17th | 10am GMT

Friday 18th | 8pm GMT

This immersive experience includes introductions to forest bathing Art, journaling, mindfulness practice, the importance of gratitude, and babywearing dance and movement.

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What’s included?

Our Wild Wellbeing Week from 14th-18th March 2022 covers 5 main areas shown below. You will receive instant access to these pre-recorded daily sessions directly into your inbox. (approx. 30 minutes per session per day)

Day 1 - 14th March - 10:00AM (GMT)


  • What is forest bathing?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How do you practice it?
  • Earthing and grounding with bare feet.

Day 2 - 15th March - 10:00AM (GMT)


  • Simple creative activities to connect in nature.
  • Mandalas.
  • Journaling Practice.

Day 3 - 16th March - 10:00AM (GMT)


  • What is mindfulness?
  • How to practice mindfulness in nature.
  • Why mindfulness practice can support mental wellbeing.

Day 4 - 17th March - 10:00AM (GMT)


  • Why gratitude practise is so powerful.
  • Simple Gratitude practises in nature.

Day 5 - 18th March - 20:00PM (GMT)


  • What are the benefits of baby wearing?
  • Why you should combine baby wearing with mindfulness and movement.
  • Simple baby wearing techniques to calm and connect.
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Recent Reviews

Loving the tree babies course so much already, If you haven't signed up yet, it really is a beautiful course and just what I needed in Lockdown, not just for my business but also for myself!

I cannot honestly recommend tree babies enough. This course is incredible, bringing together the gorgeous elements of nature, creativity, connecting with the beautiful woodlands and spending time with gorgeous women and babies who want the time to just be in the moment.

I loved the tree babies course! It’s perfect in its simplicity and the experience of doing the exercises for it was so profound. I love how accessible it makes to all parents. I’d go for it, you will love it too.

Not only did I train to become a Tree Babies instructor, but I also learnt a lot about myself, mindfulness nature and the baby/parent connection. It has actually been a great course to do before the baby massage and yoga one, and I felt more confident starting these courses. I use a lot of the techniques in my own life now.

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