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Hi, I am Gayle.  

Thanks for finding out more about baby massage and yoga. I am really happy you are here. I am the founder of Blossom & Berry and your teacher, mentor and cheerleader. 

My official title is…..  

"International Lecturer & Expert on Baby Massage & Yoga Founder of Blossom & Berry, BA, Dip. Law, PGCE, IAIM, Birthlight, Dip Hypno, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach ITEC Massage, Author, Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher, Children’s Yoga Teacher, Doula & Sleep Consultant."  

I am an international author and expert on infant massage and yoga, and a proud mother of three amazing children & co founder of the charity Love Support Unite. I am also very proud to be an ambassador for a number of mother and baby wellness brands and I am Channel Mums’ Baby Massage Expert. 

I have created this mini course to help you find out if teaching baby massage and yoga is for you and to discover just how rewarding it is to become a teacher.

See you online.

Much love 

Gayle xx

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